Water treatment is as important to your body as it is your home. Has your home ever had a water quality check? We provide free estimates on water treatment installs (Any lab work may be additional costs) 

Water hardness, acidity, color and odor are all unfavorable but are 100% preventative! We provide the highest quality filtration systems to filter out any water issues you may have.

  • Whole house filters 
  • Water neutralizers
  • Water softeners 
  • Carbon filters 
  • UV treatment 
  • Reverse osmosis system

The most common problems are:

  • Hard water
    • Hard water is due to a high mineral content. This is often a result of water flowing through limestone and other rock deposits containing calcium and magnesium. Hard water will eventually cause limescale in your plumbing, which will reduce your water pressure and build up in your bathrooms and sinks
  • Iron
    • Behind hard water, iron is the second most prominent problem that well owners face. There are two types of well water iron, ferric (red water) and ferrous (clear water). Iron can and will lead to problems down the line in your home, starting with the plumbing and even effecting home appliances and their efficiency.
  • Acidity
    • Is there blue/green staining in your home, around any fixtures, drains or pipes? This is a sign of acidic water, or a low pH in your water source. This is a leading cause of pinhole leaks in pipes and tanks and should be addressed promptly.  
  • Hydrogen Sulphide
    • Rotten egg smell when you run the tap? Organic compounds and bacteria are causing the release of hydrogen sulphide. An unpleasant smell from the result of an organic gas compound, this problem can be treated with an automatic filter system.
  • Reverse Osmosis
    • Tired of buying bottled water and not being able to drink straight from the source? A reverse osmosis system can solve that problem! Using a special membrane, reverse osmosis systems will filter out any unwanted particles and ions, leaving you with pure, great tasting drinking water. 

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